The Worlds First and Only Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

At last, Alma Lasers has created the soprano XL, the worlds first pain free hair removal machine. Not only making Laser hair removal easier, safer and more comfortable but also making laser hair removal accessible to all, no matter what their skin colour.

Using a combination of low fluence, rapid-pulsing GOLD STANDARD 810 DIODE technology, Soprano XL has revolutionised the approach to laser hair removal answering a long felt market need for a safe, permanent and pain free treatment to permanently rid people of unwanted hair. The difference between Soprano XL and other laser hair removal techniques is Soprano XL’s IN-Motion treatment. The IN-Motion technique is made possible by the super fast, rapid-pulsing capabilities of the GOLD STANDARD 810 DIODE technology. This rapid pulsing make possible the key aspect of pain free laser hair removal ‘hair removal in motion’, which means the laser can be used rather like a paint brush to sweep the treatment area rather than being concentrated on one small patch at a time meaning less build up of temperature in the skin around the hair follicles creating a safe, comfortable, efficient treatment for all hair and skin types.

The PHD President of Alma Lasers explains the technology behind this revolutionary pain free hair removal treatment by saying that the IN-Motion diode laser uses low fluence high repetition pulses, this has never before been possible, to increase the temperature of the hair follicle and its surrounding tissue to 45 degrees celcius. This gradual, IN-Motion heat delivery uses chromospheres in the surrounding tissue to effectively heat up the hair follicle. This, along with energy absorbed by the hair follicle itself, causes damage to the follicle and stops re-growth. This means the epidermis is protected and the treatment is pain free. The new Soprano XL laser hair removal system can, more safely and effectively, treat every skin colour; Tanned, White, Black or Asian.

Soprano XL uses the best GOLD STANDARD features of 810nm diode along with a unique ‘in motion’ technique which delivers un-rivalled results fast and more safely and usually in less treatments than other laser systems. Some people say a treatment with Soprano XL feels like a nice “hot stone massage” where as other lasers can feel like a rubber band snapping at your skin along with an unpleasant painful burning sensation. The results of Soprano XL are more reliable and consistent for all skin colours unlike most lasers which achieve inconsistent and unreliable results dependent on the skin type along with greater risk of side effects or the complete inability to treat darker skin. Soprano XL effectively disables the hair follicle, permanently, with removal of hair often being achieved with the minimum of fuss meaning fast comfortable treatments in fewer visits to your clinic; less treatments, therefore equals less cost.

The Soprano XL is the world’s first, completely effective, laser system approved by the FDA as “painless”.

• More reliable, more predictable, superior results
• Works effectively for EVERY SKIN COLOUR and MOST HAIR TYPES
• Often less clinic visits and less treatments needed
• Meaning LESS COST

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