How to Remove Unwanted Hairs on the Back

Men usually have trouble with a large amount of hair on their backs. Some women have this problem too, as some women tend to have patterned hair growths that extend from the lower region of the back toward the nape. Here are some methods that you might want to try in the effort to remove those unsightly hairs.


Electrolysis has the formal benefit of being the only approved medical method for the removal of hairs from the skin. This hair removal method is a permanent one so make sure you really want the hairs to be gone forever before engaging in electrolysis. Electrolysis is the selective damaging of the hair follicles so that no new hair would grow back. The procedure is not completed in just one session; you have to go back a few times since individual follicles are ‘killed’ one by one.

While the procedure has been tagged as a permanent means of removing hair, there’s a chance that after a long period of time the hairs would grow back. This is because you have to ‘catch’ the hair follicles in the growth phase for the procedure to be effective. The method makes use of electricity that passes through a special needle-armed device. In addition, it doesn’t matter if you’re Eastern European, Middle Eastern, African-American or Asian; the procedure works well on all ethnicities, skin colors and skin types.

How about lasers?

Apart from the ouch component of electrolysis treatments, there’s a less painful hair removal procedure: laser hair removal. Here’s how laser hair removal works: a machine that emits specific wavelengths of light is used to seek out the melanin in the hairs. When the melanin absorbs the light, the hair is quickly damaged. The target areas usually experience hair loss in about 2 weeks. Some users report hair fall in as short a period as 10 days.

The basic advantage with using this procedure is you won’t have to wax or shave as much. Remember, not all the hairs would be removed but a significant portion or chunk of the total number of hairs would be removed. The guideline for laser hair removal is not strict. You can go to the cosmetic clinic with only a few days worth of hair growth and still be able to undergo the procedure. Depending on the kind of hair you want to be removed, you can shave daily as well.

The main disadvantage with the cost of laser hair removal is evident; most clinics charge at least $150 to $200 for basic hair removal. Full hair removal over a particular large region can jack up the price to $900 or even more. For some, that might be a bit much for something as simple as hair removal.

Laser removal isn’t painless, as well. Just like electrolysis, the first few sessions can be a tad but uncomfortable. You would feel a sensation similar to having your skin snapped by a stretch rubber band. Here’s an interesting factoid about laser hair removal. The dark your hair, the more painful the first few sessions. This is because the richer the melanin concentration, the more of emitted laser your hair absorbs.

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